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The'Tulip' is a cardioid dynamic microphone, and one of the most successful types manufactured by Philips. It was meant for both speech and music and was produced from about 1955, untill 1960, after which it was replaced by a slightly different styled version (the black and chrome, on the left), with the same type number, which was made untill the end of the Sixties. The element in the Tulips was used in many microphones: about 5 million were made all together.

They were made for Public Address, and were also used in Dutch Parliament. Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger sang through them at concerts in The Netherlands. But in the U.K. they were also extensively used in the Sixties.

Fidel Castro used at least five of them simultaneously for his exhausting speeches to his Cuban audiences.

Though very different in styling from American or German made mics, they had a very distinct look. In the late 1960's Philips ended most of their production of professional microphones, a small division remained which built a range of BPE (back plate electrets, a condenser type with a fixed charge on the back plate of the diaphragm) microphones for studio and P.A, use.

Other types came from AKG (of which Philips owned 25% ) Austria, that supplied their products with the Philips logo, although some types were specially made just for Philips, with matching odd looks.


Philips EL 6031