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Introduced in 1962, the hypercardioid beyerdynamic m88 is still a versatile mic that should be worth considering by artists and studios. It started out as a vocal microphone which suited women especially, because of the benign accentuation of the low mid frequencies. But the M 88 was also targetted as mic for brass- and windwood instruments. It supports an ultra low mass diaphragm, which makes It very sensitive for a dynamic, but it is also robust.

These days it is advertised as mic for bass and kick drum. For these it is great, both for live use, and in the studio. In fact it is a secret weapon for a great kick drum sound. Works great on electric guitar, cajon, and harmonica too.
The M 88 was selected as the only mic to be used by Queen Elizabeth on her first tour official visit to Australia, in 1963. It is also known as 'the Phil Collins mic', since he always used it for his vocals, both on stage and in the studio.
In 2003 it was redesigned, with a sturdier black (instead of chrome) head grill and stronger magnets, which enhanced the sensitivity, but not the sound. Today they are sold as 88TG (Tour Group: a mic product range for hefty live use), for a price of around 300 €. Beyerdynamic also made them for Dynacord (as DD 800, shown here) and Strasser (M 800), second hand all sell for about 200 €.

The M 88 remains one of the finest and most versatile dynamics ever made, remarkable if you consider that it comes from the year when the Beatles made their first single, 'Love me do', and JFK dealed with the Cuban missile crisis.